The development cycle continues

Interested in testing the latest in-progress version of Psi, or getting more information about the development process? You've come to the right place!


The current Psi road map an be found on the road map wiki page. A detailed list of tasks for each version can be found on the Psi Milestones page.

Bug Tracker

We use GitHub for our bug and feature-request tracking system. You can see the list of open issues at the Psi Issues page. In order to help maintain control of the system, we ask that you do not create tasks in the tracker without discussing them on the mailing list or chat room and then getting explicit permission to do so from a member of the development team. Thanks for your help in keeping the database clean and useful for all.

Mailing list

Sign up for the Psi development mailing list and get involved with the process today!

Posts are indexed and searchable in the list archives (also available as an NNTP list archive mirror).

Development Guidelines

You can find details about the below topics and more on our Wiki in the Developer section:

Source Code Repository

Psi is hosted on GitHub. You can check out a working copy of the development version using the following command:

    git clone git://
    cd psi
    git submodule init
    git submodule update

To get the latest changes after an initial clone, execute the following commands

    git pull
    git submodule update

Nightly Builds

We provide official nightly builds for Windows and Mac OS X. For a complete list of available builds (including unofficial ones), please see our builds wiki page.

Delta Project

Core development of Psi-related libraries and non-GUI internals are discussed on the Delta mailinglist. Other XMPP projects are discussed here too, including client forks or non-client projects. Visit the Delta homepage here for more details.